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At A Plus Professional Cleaning ( A+), it all comes down to people. Only well -trained, thoroughly motivated and carefully supervised employees can ensure a consistently well-maintained facility. At A+, our employees are quite simply the best in the business. We have one of the lowest turnover rates in the field. We offer employees in-depth, ongoing training and continual opportunities for promotion and recognition. Of course, all of our employees are insured, uniformed, and they all display A Plus Professional Cleaning identification at all times. 

We maintain a lean and highly responsive management structure that results in constant supervision and communication. Our Management team visits locations nightly to ensure that our high standards are being maintained. We have a structured reporting system that keeps us – and our clients – fully informed at all times, so that there are no unexpected developments. The result: Consistently motivated employees, consistently responsive service, and above all consistently clean and attractive facilities – every day, week after week, year after year.

Training of Personnel:

Training is the key to ensuring a productive, cost effective and consistent program of service. We believe our strong client satisfaction levels are a direct result of our (time tested) comprehensive training skills and continual training programs. Group and in-service sessions play an important role in the ongoing professional development of A+ personnel. In addition to the regular sessions conducted by our trainers / management team, account-specific training is also provided.

At A+, training is a continual process, not a one time event. That is, it does not stop with any of the many formal sessions we may conduct. On-site training has always been and will continue to be a large part of our on-site manager's responsibility on your account.

A+ incorporates both "on the job" training as well as video tape training tools. These tools enable our employees to work smarter, not harder, at their tasks and responsibilities.

Cross training of our employees creates interest in working and greatly reduces employee turnover.

During the start up phase of any project, A+ will provide additional management level Trainers to assist in ensuring all personnel and supervisors understand all aspects of his or her job responsibilities, as well as an overview of general industry related issues.

Those A+ individuals operating machinery and equipment will have special (small group) training (as well as refresher training) to ensure a complete understanding of equipment operation. All members of our staff will be evaluated by your Account Managor as to job knowledge and understanding, identifying strengths and any possible deficiencies.
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